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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!
      A Very Fine Adventure

      A Very Fine Adventure

      Album Info

      Climb aboard to explore uncharted toy piano territory! Featuring 12 exciting songs and an interactive CD cover that lets you choose your own adventure.

      12-track CD / Released 2008 by Twink Tones


      "Orchestral toy piano goodness which surprises, delights, and sometimes amazes...I can't remember the last CD I've heard that made me smile so consistently throughout."

      Songs and Sonics

      "Utterly tweaked and twisted toy piano based compositions... Recommended for anyone whose inner child is allowed to come out and play!"

      Aquarius Records

      "Intelligent music for the thinking adult who hasn't yet lost his/her ability to 'just be a kid.' Highly recommended."