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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!
      Critter Club

      Critter Club

      Album Info

      What are woodland beasts up to while you're fast asleep in your quiet home? Critter Club is a soundtrack for their imagined ongoings, from whimsical play to mysterious rituals. Grab a disguise and dance along! The CD comes with three tarot-size cards that reveal the strange secrets of these curious creatures.

      12-track CD / Released 2014 by Twink Tones


      “I was expecting this album to be quirky and fun - which it is - but I was hooked by its surprising depth. It's cohesive and diverse, funny and smart.”

      Cyclic Defrost

      “Cool melodies, superb arrangements, and an overall vibe that is simultaneously offbeat and extraordinarily appealing.”


      “You cannot fail to smile while listening to this stuff and that's gold dust.”

      Higher Plain Music

      Guest Musicians

      Casey Paquet
      George Berlin

      Joel Hagglund
      Matt Renzi
      Paul Meurens