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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!
      Dust Bunny

      Dust Bunny

      Dust Bunny was inspired by a long Winter and historic blizzard that buried the land as well as moods. How else to keep spirits up than by making music?

      A melancholic vibe winds through the album but never extinguishes the hope that Spring will one day return. Bells, chimes, xylophones, and a collection of rusty toys add warm textures over chilly synths and cold mechanical beats. Darkness and light cycle like the seasons in these songs, ending with a lullaby and a gentle thaw. Crickets chirp, petals bloom, and hibernating creatures shake off the blanket of snow for another year.

      The album has beautiful artwork by Kate O'Hara, multi-color splatter vinyl, and is limited to 300 copies.

      11-track vinyl record / Released 2015 by Disques de Lapin


      Performer Magazine's Vinyl of the Month for February 2016!
      "It has a real purpose, a real story to tell, and as clichéd as it is to say, it takes the listener on a journey."

      Performer Mag

      "If we had to sum up this album in a single word, that word would be magical."


      "More melancholy means more maturity...it's lent his music a new and engaging depth."

      A Closer Listen

      "A rare treat and a great addition to a back catalog chock-full of equally whimsical records."

      Boston Hassle

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