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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!
      Happy Houses

      Happy Houses

      Album Info

      Mike Langlie (aka Twink) called upon some friends to help celebrate his move to a 19th century gingerbread-style house. Along with Mike's toybox of instruments and electro sounds are Burt Mueller's guitars and banjo, Matt Renzi's horns and flutes, and melodic bass by Guy Turner and Jair-Rohm. Together they built a funhouse of off-kilter candy-colored songs. You're invited to join the party at Twink's Happy Houses!

      8-track CD / Released 2014 by Twink Tones


      "We could never ever get enough of this stuff. Overflowing with pure imagination. Highly recommended."


      "Langlie continues to push an astonishing range of different moods and textures out of the toy piano's deceptively childlike tones. This is certainly no twee listening experience."

      Cyclic Defrost

      "Those who still enjoy cotton candy and chasing an ice cream truck down the street will be overjoyed. It's the perfect soundtrack to a Lucky Charms breakfast."

      A Closer Listen

      Guest Musicians

      Burt Mueller

      Matt Renzi
      Guy Turner