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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!
      Ice Cream Truckin'

      Ice Cream Truckin'

      Album Info

      For this album Twink gave new songs to fun and crazy electronic musicians and producers to rearrange, rework and remix as they pleased. The results are 19 scoops of tasty toy piano tunes.

      19-track CD / Released 2007 by Mulatta Records


      "Slightly goofy and definitely surreal, the music of Twink is a bizarre acquired taste that will always leave the listener wanting more."


      "A Saturday Morning Funtime full of cheery melodies...Expect to either grin like crazy or be driven mad."

      San Antonio Current

      "Smile-inducingly innovative and flat-out adorable"

      Performer Magazine

      Guest Musicians

      Cozy Pony
      Daniel Brockman
      Ergo Phizmiz
      Evan Morris
      Jason Dragon
      Milk Monster
      Moon Holiday

      Norm Scott
      Playsoundz (Blaik Ripton)
      Rainbow Maze
      Ralph Muha
      Sherwin V. Jones
      Tanya Paglia
      Wayne Marshall
      Wendy Mittelstadt