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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!
      Miniatures Volume 2
      Download Free

      Miniatures Volume 2

      Download Free

      Album Info

      Here are 10 reasons you should download Twink's 10th release...

      1. It's free!
      2. Like Miniatures Volume 1, the album was created with the Yellofier iPhone app.
      3. It features lots of sounds from Twink's toy box.
      4. Each song has artwork of miniature mutant toy mash-ups.
      5. The songs and album are short for listeners on the run.
      6. It's like audio cartoons for your mind.
      7. Everyone needs more toytronica in their music collection.
      8. You'll probably never hear it on the radio.
      9. Play it on a drive with the windows down to confuse passers-by.
      10. It makes cats go crazy. (Mine, at least.)

      9-track digital album / Released 2014 by Twink Tones


      "A totally intriguing and infectious collection of songs."