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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!


      Album Info

      There's a toy surprise in every song! Including a delightful Metallica ditty. An hour of instrumental joy.

      21-track CD / Released 2004 by Mulatta Records


      "The toy piano's no gimmick. It's a capably and brilliantly handled instrument that underpins some bizarrely beautiful compositions."


      "Proof that great musicians can coax eclectic, emotional, and fun beauty from anything that makes noise"


      "Albums like this demand both your respect and attention for actually going through with such a silly idea and managing to come up with a piece of music that works."

      Proper Magazine

      Guest Musicians

      Aaron Tanner
      Ajda the Turkish Queen
      Casey Paquet
      Chi Trion
      Clayton Scoble
      Karen Langlie
      Leigh Calabrese

      Paul Coleman
      Ralph Carney
      Shawn Knight
      Steven Cerio
      Playsoundz (Blaik Ripton)
      Wendy Mittelstadt