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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!
      The Toy Box

      The Toy Box

      Album Info

      Sold out! Limited edition box set of 3 mini CDs and a 16-page mini-comic. Features all the tracks from Supercute! plus 2 exclusive bonus songs. Super-deluxe packaging, with letterpressed sleeves printed in metallic inks.

      3 mini CDs box set / Released 2004 by Mulatta Records


      “I've yet to see another CD set that's as beautifully packaged as The Toy Box... delving into it for the first time was a real experience, kind of like looking into a treasure chest.”


      “An impressive little package.”

      The Wire

      Guest Musicians

      Aaron Tanner
      Ajda the Turkish Queen
      Casey Paquet
      Chi Trion
      Clayton Scroble
      Karen Langlie
      Leigh Calabrese

      Paul Coleman
      Ralph Carney
      Shawn Knight
      Steven Cerio
      Playsoundz (Blaik Ripton)
      Wendy Mittelstadt