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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!



      Sixteen wonderfully inventive cuts that are as cool and light as they are substantial and peculiar.

      Babysue, review of Wide Eyed Wild Ride

      He returns to what he does best, offering upbeat confections drenched in candy colors.

      A Closer Listen, review of Wide Eyed Wild Ride

      Quite unusual and practically unique music.

      The Noise, review of Wide Eyed Wild Ride

      An album for all seasons...it's Langlie's best work yet.

      Anthem, review of Dust Bunny

      If we had to sum up this album in a single word, that word would be magical.

      Babysue, review of Dust Bunny

      More melancholy means more maturity...it's lent his music a new and engaging depth.

      A Closer Listen, review of Dust Bunny

      A rare treat and a great addition to a back catalog chock-full of equally whimsical records.

      Boston Hassle, review of Dust Bunny

      It's slick, fun, funny and entertaining. You cannot fail to smile listening to this stuff and that's gold dust.

      Higher Plain Music, review of Critter Club

      We all have to grow up sometime, but the greatest maturity lies in those who are able to embrace their inner child.

      A Closer Listen, review of Critter Club

      A curtain full of glitter and tiny sparkles of magic...it is a lovable amazing experience.

      Yeah I Know It Sucks, review of Critter Club

      I was expecting this album to be quirky and fun - which it is - but I was hooked by its surprising depth. It's cohesive and diverse, funny and smart.

      Cyclic Defrost, review of Critter Club

      Cool melodies, superb arrangements, and an overall vibe that is simultaneously offbeat and extraordinarily appealing.

      Babysue, review of Critter Club

      Slam the bucket, climb in the curtains, dance on the rooftop upside down and jump like Mario as if on magic mushrooms.

      Yeah I Know It Sucks, review of Happy Houses

      I can unhesitatingly recommend this brief, kooky album...one of Twink's finest efforts of toy-tronic pop instrumentals.

      Music for Maniacs, review of Miniatures Volume 2

      A gateway to a completely different world where all is cute, slightly bizarre, but above all very intriguing and friendly.

      Yeah I Know It Sucks, review of Miniatures Volume 2

      A totally intriguing and infectious collection of songs. Highly recommended.

      Babysue, review of Critter Club

      It's like Teletubbies have gone bad. And that can only be awesome really.

      Higher Plain Music, review of Happy Houses

      A wide-grinned blend of chastity and cool, landing halfway between Baby Einstein and electric Kool-Aid.

      Performer Magazine, review of Happy Houses

      Langlie continues to push an astonishing range of different moods and textures out of the toy piano's deceptively childlike tones. This is certainly no twee listening experience.

      Cyclic Defrost, review of Happy Houses

      Those who still enjoy cotton candy and chasing an ice cream truck down the street will be overjoyed. It's the perfect soundtrack to a Lucky Charms breakfast.

      A Closer Listen, review of Happy Houses

      We could never ever get enough of this stuff. Overflowing with pure imagination. Highly recommended.

      Babysue, review of Happy Houses

      I can't imagine any DJ having the nerve to play a song so festooned with clinking, clanking sound effects. Their loss, as it's one of the most ambitious things Twink has ever tried.

      Music for Maniacs, review of Happy Houses

      Mike Langlie has proven himself to be one of dance music's most innovative producers. Happy Houses is a half-hour-long indulgence in the simple pleasure of creating music.

      The Tartan, review of Happy Houses

      Rich in melody and ideas. It is so bizarre and different that it fascinates.

      The Arts Desk, review of Happy Houses

      We know we're entering a weird world... Interesting!

      Incendiary Magazine, review of Miniatures Volume 1

      This album is a trippy, electronica theme park soundtrack.

      The Noise, review of Miniatures Volume 1

      A sonic amusement park for young and old alike. Go there now!

      The Noise, review of Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      Another quirky masterpiece of toy piano goodness.

      Ektopia, review of Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      Mike Langlie has single-handedly transformed the world of toy-driven music into a true art form. Highly recommended.

      LMNOP, review of Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      If this doesn't put a little joy in your heart, maybe it's time to give up because you're just too far gone.

      Anti-Gravity Bunny, review of Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      While I listened to it, the air tasted sweeter. Like cotton candy.

      To Eleven, review of Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      The whole album is full of loony tunes that have cartoonish zest and madcap energy.

      The Arts Desk, review of Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      Certainly unusual and strange, but I think there's something exciting about uncommon instrumentation.

      Spacerockmountain, review of Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      You won't be able to wipe the smile off your face ... certain to remind you of your happy place.

      Resonance, review of Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      Takes your mind to places beyond the extraordinary.

      Linfield Review, review of Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      As shiny as it is candy-cane flavored.

      Boston Band Crush, review of "Peppermint Bee" from Itsy Bits & Bubbles

      I find Twink's toys to be as fun to listen to as they likely are for him to play with.

      Skyscraper Magazine, review of A Very Fine Adventure

      A complete indulgence in whimsy...this album is cute in the best way possible.

      Performer Magazine, review of A Very Fine Adventure

      Can you ever have too much of this kind of thing? While Twink are running the show the answer has to still be "no."

      Ektopia, review of A Very Fine Adventure

      [Twink] dives fearlessly into the cute, weird, silly, sugar-sticky realm of childhood fun. This cleverly packaged album of "toytronica" taps into a wider range of moods and moments than one might guess.

      Montreal Mirror, review of A Very Fine Adventure

      Intelligent music for the thinking adult who hasn't yet lost his/her ability to "just be a kid."

      LMNOP, review of A Very Fine Adventure

      Twink The Toy Piano Band creates a pastel pink audio candyland that serves the odd task of creating children's music for adults.

      Music for Maniacs, review of A Very Fine Adventure

      Utterly tweaked and twisted toy piano based compositions...Recommended for anyone whose inner child is allowed to come out and play!

      Aquarius Records, review of A Very Fine Adventure

      Twink is Mike Langlie's surprising and playfully odd blend of electronica and cartoon music. The bright packaging and artwork accurately reflect the basic mood of the album: fun and very imaginative.

      NPR Music's Second Stage review

      Ice Cream Truckin's one-sheet says to file the record under "cutetronica" or "toy pop," but "smile-inducingly innovative" and "flat-out adorable" would be just as appropriate.

      Performer Magazine, review of Ice Cream Truckin'

      On its candy coated surface, Langlie's music is downright cavity inducing child's view twinkliness, but much like Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory if you look a little closer you'll discover a darker, black humor encrusted side... and we love it!

      Aquarius Records, review of Ice Cream Truckin'

      All told, this Twink guy might be our generation's Carl Stalling - I have a feeling that we ain't seen nothing yet.

      Low Budget Superhero, review of Ice Cream Truckin'

      I hope that truck keeps rolling for many more years to come.

      Ektopia, review of Ice Cream Truckin'

      It's as goofy and uplifting as we've come to expect from Mr. Twink, filtered through a prism of unpredictable interpretations.

      Disclaimer, review of Ice Cream Truckin'

      Twink continues to champion his charming musical version of regression therapy.

      Montreal Mirror, review of Ice Cream Truckin'

      Truckin' spins so smoothly you'd swear you were licking away at the creamiest ice cream cone on the planet.

      LMNOP, review of Ice Cream Truckin'

      A Saturday Morning Funtime full of cheery melodies...Expect to either grin like crazy or be driven mad.

      San Antonio Current, review of Ice Cream Truckin'

      This has got to be one of the most fun, unique and creative albums I've ever heard.

      Space Junkies, review of The Broken Record

      Mike Langlie's new disc fits the profile of hip-hop, bedroom-based, Mad Scientist Of Sound stuff, but with a twist.

      San Antonio Current, review of The Broken Record

      It's good that mad scientist Mike Langlie has chosen to make avant-garde children's records rather than pursue any of the other options available to someone with his mindset - such as death-ray invention, secret-island-lair plotting, or stealing all of the Earth's supply of some certain precious metal or natural resource.

      Pittsburgh City Paper, review of The Broken Record

      Disturbing and beautiful at the same time - this is a fun trip down the rabbit hole.

      Tape Op, review of The Broken Record

      I've heard a lot of whacked out remixes in my day, but this album takes the cake. And the pie. And the pudding.

      Need Coffee, review of The Broken Record

      Eerily innocent and gleeful music cobbled together with children's musical playthings.

      Montreal Mirror, review of The Broken Record

      Fire up the stereo, dim the lights and reacquaint yourself with the healing power of pure silliness.

      Splendid, review of The Broken Record

      This is the first contemporary CD I've been excited about in a long time. The overall design of the CD is gorgeous, too!

      BoingBoing, review of The Broken Record

      It's a super trip! Recommended!

      Aquarius Records, review of The Broken Record

      Bizarre but entirely listenable electro-pop.

      College Music Journal, review of The Broken Record

      simultaneously nostalgic, humorous, fascinating, and sometimes, a wee bit disturbing.

      Opus, review of The Broken Record

      You'll gladly give yourself over to Langlie's peerlessly smart cross-pollenation between Kid Koala turntablism and Sesame Street hooks.

      Disclaimer, review of The Broken Record

      Twink could just be the DJ Shadow of kids vinyl, imagine that!

      Ektopia, review of The Broken Record

      We couldn't help but be fascinated, entertained, and intrigued by this clever and goofy album...This CD is a wild trip indeed.

      LMNOP, review of The Broken Record

      A record that I want everybody I know to hear at least once ... truly subversive art of a very high order.

      The Noise, review of The Broken Record

      Cheeky, innocent and gently subversive.

      Beatmag, review of The Broken Record

      The tunes on Twink are amazing and beautifully recorded. ... I've yet to see another CD set that's as beautifully packaged as The Toy Box.

      Ektopia, review of Twink, Supercute! and The Toy Box

      A strange idea, but it's pulled off well.

      New York Post, review of Supercute!

      It shreds.

      The Wire, review of The Toy Box

      The toy piano's no gimmick. It's a capably and brilliantly handled instrument that underpins some bizarrely beautiful compositions.

      Highronimus, review of Supercute!

      Jazzy, dark, silly, bizarre, and yes, sometimes supercute.

      Scram, review of Supercute! and The Toy Box

      [Mike] wasn't the first. He is definitely not the last. But from what I've heard, he is definitely the best: A musician specializing in using childrens toy instruments.

      Hubsville, review of Twink and Supercute!

      Most of it's like the Easter Bunny on acid in Teletubbie land, or at least our best educated guess to be a child once again. But no matter how metaphorical we put it, Twink isn't a joke band. Supercute is the work of a mature, complex concept-album.

      Performer Magazine, review of Supercute!

      Although the presence of so many toy instruments may make Twink sound like a toss-off novelty act on paper, Supercute! is just proof that great musicians can coax eclectic, emotional, and fun beauty from anything that makes noise, if you're open to hearing it.

      Disclaimer, review of Supercute!

      Worth a listen or two? For anyone with a touch of adventure, the answer will be yes.

      All Music Guide, review of Supercute!

      In Langlie's hands, the plastic ivories are pretty damn cool - definitely one of music's sharper spices.

      Splendid, review of Supercute!

      Delirious, circus-y songs played on an array of uncommon sound makers

      Aquarius Records, review of The Toy Box

      Albums like this demand both your respect and attention for actually going through with such a silly idea and managing to come up with a piece of music that works.

      Proper Mag, review of Supercute!

      Picture your stuffed animal collection at a late-night rave in an enchanted forest - Twink is the music they are dancing to.

      Performer Magazine, review of Supercute!

      Mmm... what a fun little bundle this is! Mike Langlie's Twink project is a book and CD combination that is both whimsical and adorable.

      Indieville, review of Twink

      It's what I imagine Japanese Children listen to in kindergarten as well as perhaps convicted lunatics as they sit in their padded cells sucking on their fists rocking back and forth, so something for everyone there really.

      Proper Mag, review of Twink

      A brilliant album that has lots of different, innovative ideas but also doesn't skimp on the melodies.

      Bliss Aquamarine, review of Twink

      A beautifully designed little package every little kid should have, and every big kid would be crazy not to like.

      Evan Dorkin, review of Twink

      This is the best part of your childhood - served up grownup style, hold the irony.

      Wake Zine, review of Twink

      It's just like you imagine it should be, all plinks, plonks, chirrups, boings, and zings, pasted together with charity shop beats and a sackful of hummable melodies.

      Robots and Electric Brains, review of Twink

      Individual tracks are utterly charming, particularly the opening "Hoppity Jones," which has the dizziness and grace of a classic Raymond Scott tune from the '40s.

      Amplifier, review of Twink

      Instead of putting together a cutesy novelty record, he's created an hour's worth of imaginative, intricately arranged compositions that convey a mix of giddy naivety and fierce intelligence.

      Score Baby!, review of Twink

      Weirdly, I kind of like this, if for no other reason than it seems so entirely deranged.

      Diskant, review of Twink

      From sweet to malevolent, from quiet to joyous, from gentle to cacaphonous, Twink's music and story capture the imagination and keep you wanting more.

      Good Times, review of Twink

      The music is extraordinary in its inventiveness.

      Ink19, review of Twink

      It is as crazy as a controlled carnival ride, or the genius of the best circus entertainer; all of the adventure just on the edge of danger and set in the subconscious.

      XtraMSN, review of Twink

      The music is happy-go-lucky but with a dark underbelly.

      Cool and Strange Music, review of Twink

      Sometimes demented circus music, sometimes like theme music from some scary cartoon, but always, unlike anything you've ever heard before.

      Aquarius Records, review of Twink

      He isn't merely tapping into some forgotten kindergarten music vibe - he's pulling those ideas into the present and developing them. And the results are magical.

      Splendid, review of Twink

      Simultaneously endearing and vaguely unsettling.

      News4U, review of Twink

      Interviews and Articles

      An interview by Stepehn SPAZ Schnee about the history and influences of Twink.

      Beach Blanket Fort Bingo podcast, May 2018

      Dust Bunny is Vinyl of the Month!

      Performer Mag, Feb 2016

      A brief history of music making.

      Yeah I Know It Sucks, Sep 2015

      Making Serious Music with Toy Instruments.

      Performer Magazine, May 2012

      Weird Band of the Week! (Jan. 2012)

      Weirdest Band in the World

      Talking about influences, inspiration and a featured song.

      Songs and Sonics, Dec. 2011

      Long interview with Twink about process and inspiration.

      Songs and Sonics, July 2008

      Cover feature/interview with Twink.

      The Noise, July 2008

      Scan of an article featuring Twink, in Italian. Guess which photo is of me.

      Vogue Italia, Aug. 2007

      Describing the technical process of making The Broken Record.

      Electronic Musician, Feb. 2006

      Discussing the inspiration for The Broken Record

      Splendid, Nov. 2005

      Collecting toy pianos, thoughts on making music, and collaborations.

      Performer Magazine, Nov. 2004

      Why make toy piano music and concept albums?

      Robots and Electric Brains

      Life before and after Twink.

      Legends Magazine