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    1. Twink, the Toy Piano Band! Twink, the Toy Piano Band!


      A mini version of "Uh Uh Oh" from the Sugar Trip 7-inch single featuring video footage courtesy of Adam Wallacavage.
      A spooky video for "Bone Shaker" from the album Wide Eyed Wild Ride featuring vintage animation from "Skeleton Frolic" by Ub Iwerks.
      A magical video for "Hot Popper" from the album Wide Eyed Wild Ride by Jim Ether.
      "Buggy Bump" from the album Wide Eyed Wild Ride.
      See the cover for Dust Bunny come together from sketch to final artwork. All illustrations by Kate O'Hara.
      "Thistle Bliss" from Dust Bunny featuring an instrument called the pling plong.
      "Sparklemuffin" from Dust Bunny, inspired by a fancy dancing spider.
      A limited edition lathe cut record was made for the Dust Bunny Indiegogo campaign. See how Mike Dixon of LatheCuts.com makes them using old machines.
      Our pal JJ produced this video for "Close to Home" from the album Happy Houses.
      Jeff DeRose of One Match Films made a video of hermit crabs frolicking in a tidal pool. It uses the Twink tune "Very Cherry" from the album Ice Cream Truckin'.
      Jeff also made a haunting video for "Light through a Keyhole" from the album Supercute!
      Some videos for songs from Itsy Bits & Bubbles using vintage cartoon clips.